Thursday, 26 May 2011

Little H on holiday

We spoke about it for very a long time before we made any decisions, contemplating where to go, what to do, the budget, the timing, how many diapers to bring, mode of transport and countless other variables before we reached the decision, that yes, we are going on holiday!
For a while we dreamt about going south, somewhere warm, and we did indeed go south, but not that far away. We just got in the car (after having packed for two full days), drove for six hours and in a snap! we were in ..... Denmark!

We rented a house close to the small town of Hornbæk (yes, where the wellington boots are from), and did nothing else than go for walks, play on the grass, on the beach or inside with Little H, watch the rain, walk in the rain, and sleep long afternoon naps.

During the day, which started with Little H waking at 6 am or before, we did next to nothing. We were just being, being together, being a close family, being ourselves, relaxing, playing, reading and going for long walks. It was just what the three of us needed.
Now back to work and a very hectic week, I have almost forgotten how nice the week was. But just now I started looking at the photos and instantly my breathing slowed down, my shoulders sank, my emerging forehead wrinkles softened and I felt myself smile.

Little H on the beach

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Lucky H

Yesterday Little H vent for a check-up at the local Health Centre. I suspect it being more an appointment to check her parents than her royal highness herself, so I tried to send Pappa Kas alone, fat chance.
The nurse told us that little H is a happy, active, talkative little girl with talent for clapping things together in order to make noise. Yes, that is correct, but live with “it” for 24/7 and the noise gets to you.
This is the way she is manipulating strangers so that when we moan over how difficult she can be no one believes us. Her grandparents just shake their heads and say: “I have no idea what you are talking about; she is an angel whenever we spend time with her”. Yeah right, I think that she has already found out who to suck up to for great presents. You go girl!

Things Little H can do which I cannot:

  • Crawl at the speed of Herbie
  • Smile and laugh when farting
  • Make coughing noises to be noticed
  • Lift her hands over her head to show how tall she is when she has lost interest in her food
  • Eat small stones (almost unnoticed)
  • Pee when naked, often on her parents clothing
  • Drink directly from the wine bottle (don’t ask)
  • Throw any unwanted food on the floor and then stretch out her hand to demand something else

    But who can resist such a little charmer?
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