Friday, 30 July 2010

Have ones cake….

If you know me, you might already have had a suspicion. After you have read this you will nod for yourself and think “how did I not notice? The signs were there all the time!”.
Ok, here it goes. I am a feeder. I love to feed others, family, friends, colleagues and the food of choice is muffins, sweet buns, chocolate cakes or other sugary but guilty treats. The reason for baking and sharing is obvious, so I can indulge too.

So whenever I bring muffins to work, serve cake or buns when having guests, it is because I have a sweet tooth and wants to have some myself.

I am crazy about sweet buns and muffins, and I think that there’s the answer to my never disappearing ‘muffin top’. As the scary Gillian McKeith says: "you are what you eat". It is true, so true.

So what can I do? I want to have my cake and eat it too!


Monday, 26 July 2010

Born to run

Several years ago when I had just started running a good friend and fellow runner said to me: “Trude, you were born to run (as in the jogging way)”.
I had just started my new fitness craze, initiated by having no money for a gym membership together with the desperate need for some exercise. Running was also becoming increasingly popular by some of my gym  buddies, and I was eager to ripe the benefits: toned legs, weight loss, fresh air which would benefit my skin bla bla bla.

In the beginning it could not be called running, more like jogging at the speed of a turtle, but being convinced I was born to run, I hung in there. It was hard.

Now I am pretty much in the same situation. Trying to get back in shape after the birth of Little H, not really having time to join a gym, running is practical. There are plenty of good tracks here in the area and I hope to be back in shape in a month or two…

The goal is to run the Killer Hill in front of my house by the 30th of August. That hill is so steep and long that they recently used it for a Norwegian championship in longboard Last Saturday morning I came about 1/5 up. It really is a long hill to conquer- I promise.

My motivation is helped by having cheesy and embarrassing tracks on my Ipod and I am trying to time the runs so that when the killer hill comes, the track is of course by Bruce Springsteen- as you know I AM born to run.


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Slumming it…

Day 2 of being home alone with little H, and the slumming has already begun. How can I turn this around? I know that it is a slippery slope from forgetting to put on mascara to look like a bag lady.


My day started with getting properly up around 8:00a.m. when Daddy Kas left for work. I managed a very quick shower before Little H demanded snuggles. But at least I felt that I started the day fresh and ready to face the world.

BUT all yummy mummies put on some make-up and dresses so that they at least can make it to the mailbox without cringing if someone sees them. Now wearing baggy, old, frayed jeans and a 7 years old cardigan- I have yet to dare checking the mailbox. I have however ventured out on the veranda to water the cucumber and the tomato plants (how domestic is that?).

It took me 2 hours, before concealer (a godsend), mascara and tinted moisturizer were in place. Tinted lashes and eyebrows might be the way forward. Then I remembered that I got a free sample of a “miracle serum” when buying a new mascara last week. I love getting beauty freebies. But thinking about it... I probably looked dead tired when shopping so the woman behind the counter must have thought that just a miracle could save me. I certainly hope it comes in the form of a serum….


Sunday, 18 July 2010

My first...

Hi, and welcome to my blog.

This is very much a work in progress, so feel free to come with input or suggestions to the content.
As I am at home on maternity leave, I have, as others in the same situation I guess, many ambitions of what to do in those endless hours when Little H is sleeping. So far very little has been accomplished in terms of knitting, reading, working out and other activities you are supposed to have time for when at home for more than 8 months.
Poor little one seems to have Colic and time has been spent comforting her and worrying how to comfort her. So far we have tried various ways of carrying her, drops from the pharmacy, malt in her milk, physiotherapy, massage, soothing music and more.

They say that Colic is most intense around week 6 and as Little H is around 6 weeks old, I guess that it cannot be worse.
However, I love my new life and all that comes with it. This blog will be a way of following my journey as I struggle to become a yummy mummy (it will never happen) or at least a decent one!

Lady B
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