Friday, 30 July 2010

Have ones cake….

If you know me, you might already have had a suspicion. After you have read this you will nod for yourself and think “how did I not notice? The signs were there all the time!”.
Ok, here it goes. I am a feeder. I love to feed others, family, friends, colleagues and the food of choice is muffins, sweet buns, chocolate cakes or other sugary but guilty treats. The reason for baking and sharing is obvious, so I can indulge too.

So whenever I bring muffins to work, serve cake or buns when having guests, it is because I have a sweet tooth and wants to have some myself.

I am crazy about sweet buns and muffins, and I think that there’s the answer to my never disappearing ‘muffin top’. As the scary Gillian McKeith says: "you are what you eat". It is true, so true.

So what can I do? I want to have my cake and eat it too!



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