Monday, 26 July 2010

Born to run

Several years ago when I had just started running a good friend and fellow runner said to me: “Trude, you were born to run (as in the jogging way)”.
I had just started my new fitness craze, initiated by having no money for a gym membership together with the desperate need for some exercise. Running was also becoming increasingly popular by some of my gym  buddies, and I was eager to ripe the benefits: toned legs, weight loss, fresh air which would benefit my skin bla bla bla.

In the beginning it could not be called running, more like jogging at the speed of a turtle, but being convinced I was born to run, I hung in there. It was hard.

Now I am pretty much in the same situation. Trying to get back in shape after the birth of Little H, not really having time to join a gym, running is practical. There are plenty of good tracks here in the area and I hope to be back in shape in a month or two…

The goal is to run the Killer Hill in front of my house by the 30th of August. That hill is so steep and long that they recently used it for a Norwegian championship in longboard Last Saturday morning I came about 1/5 up. It really is a long hill to conquer- I promise.

My motivation is helped by having cheesy and embarrassing tracks on my Ipod and I am trying to time the runs so that when the killer hill comes, the track is of course by Bruce Springsteen- as you know I AM born to run.


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