Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Slumming it…

Day 2 of being home alone with little H, and the slumming has already begun. How can I turn this around? I know that it is a slippery slope from forgetting to put on mascara to look like a bag lady.


My day started with getting properly up around 8:00a.m. when Daddy Kas left for work. I managed a very quick shower before Little H demanded snuggles. But at least I felt that I started the day fresh and ready to face the world.

BUT all yummy mummies put on some make-up and dresses so that they at least can make it to the mailbox without cringing if someone sees them. Now wearing baggy, old, frayed jeans and a 7 years old cardigan- I have yet to dare checking the mailbox. I have however ventured out on the veranda to water the cucumber and the tomato plants (how domestic is that?).

It took me 2 hours, before concealer (a godsend), mascara and tinted moisturizer were in place. Tinted lashes and eyebrows might be the way forward. Then I remembered that I got a free sample of a “miracle serum” when buying a new mascara last week. I love getting beauty freebies. But thinking about it... I probably looked dead tired when shopping so the woman behind the counter must have thought that just a miracle could save me. I certainly hope it comes in the form of a serum….


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