Monday, 22 August 2011

It was only beginners luck

I should have known that I wrote too soon when I wrote about how great Little H’s first days at the nursery had been.
We’re now at the start of week three, another fresh start and a spot of sunshine, but the nursery is not all fun and games anymore. Not for Little H, neither for her parents.

Snuggling with Pappa Kas

This week started as last week ended. Like this...
Friday morning everything was fine, Little H drank her milk, changed from her pajamas into clothes that I dared send her out of the house with, and got ready without major tantrums. The only delay, but I’m getting used to this by now, was that she took everything out of the bathroom drawers when I was putting on my make-up adding the finishing touches before leaving the house. She might be thinking that I spend too long...

So far so good, when we got to the nursery she seemed exited by the prospect of spending another day with her newfound pals and the abundance of bright plastic toys with bite-marks. Smoooth I thought, I might even catch an earlier train. So I took of her jacket, then shoes, put on indoor-shoes, got her breakfast box out of her back-pack. By that point Little H was being rather clingy, clingy in the way she normally hangs on to Pappa Kas when he is around. This was a new experience for me, but I would rather that her desperate need to be with her mum came at another more convenient time, as I was going to catch my train and therefore no time for long-lasting cuddles.

It is not all that bad (for me at least)I am being a little comforted by seeing Little H crying and waving her arms, kicking her legs and crying big crocodile tears when I leave her at the nursery. At least she is showing that she is attached to her mother and wants to be with her, I am thinking happy with my mothering skills.

Sad little H - This breaks my heart

So on Friday I stood behind a corner outside the nursery for a couple of minutes trying to listen for my Little H’s desperate cries for help, but I heard nothing so I took a peak through the window. She was then sitting happily on one of the assistants’ laps, eating her breakfast sandwich and giving one of her performances: talking enthusiastically with her whole body, smiling and stroking her ears with fingers full of mackerel in tomato sauce.

So much for missing her mum….

Little H has just shown her mum the sailboat she has bought her parents...


  1. Hun har nok innsett at bhg ikke er forbigående og da må hun prøve seg. Det kan jo hende at mamma gir seg og tar meg med hjem ;)

    Men hun har det nok kjempebra selv om jeg vet at det ikke alltid er like gøy å si hadet og gå...

  2. Høres ganske typisk ut, ja. Ute av syne ute av sinn, er det ikke sånn da? Det gjør enormt vondt i mammahjertet når tårene triller nedover bollekinnene på avleggeren når man må si hade i barnehagen, men godt å finne ut at det faktisk er veldig kortvarig. Det er akkurat i det man snur ryggen til, og går ut døra. Så er det gøy igjen. Man får trøste seg med det, underveis i den hjerteskjærende avskjeden.

  3. I want that sailboat as well:)
    Can she buy it for me?

    Have a great evening

  4. takk for søte og oppmuntrende kommentarer Marita og Therese.

    and Girl.... : She spent all her money on my boat- sorry ;-)


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