Sunday, 19 September 2010

And the winner is.....

And the winner is…. “The Secret History” by Donna Tartt. I first read it during my first or second year at university and really liked it, and am looking forward to re-read it. Here’s a short teaser:

It is the story of six classical students at a small posh (?) college in the States. The story essentially is about the murder of one of students, the events leading up to it and the impact the murder has on the lives of the rest of the group.

I just have to finish my current read, which embarrassingly makes me feel like a member of Oprah’s book club. I tend to stay away from bestsellers, but I forgot to cancel this one from the Norwegian book club…. Now I am sure to be an even more valued member ( I’m currently one of their most valued ones, probably due to forgetting to cancel the book of the month once or twice a year).

So now I confessing to be reading: Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski. For synopsis and review read: EdgarSawtelle
Praise from Oprah:
"I think that this is right up there with the greatest American novels ever written," Oprah says. "Up there with Steinbeck and even Harper Lee."
Well so far it is not up there with The Grapes of Wrath, but engaging enough to take me past halfway. I will let you know my opinion once I get to the end, but so far I have to say the story is gripping and the language excellent. But as far as I can remember not up there with The Secret History, we’ll see…


  1. As I'm working for the Norwegian book club I really appreciate that you forget to cancel once in a while! ;)

    I read Edgar Sawtelle, too and can't say that it is up there with Steinbeck. Actually thought it got a bit boring halfway.

    Hope you forgot to cancel that one, too (I loved it):

    I just started Bernhard Hvals forsnakkelser. As i think Halvbroren was really good I have high hopes for this one, too. I never heard about The Secret History but just saw that it got really good reviews- should put it on my (admittedly very bestseller-filled) list, too.

  2. I love getting recommendations, so thanks Mandy! Super to hear others opinions also. Have read and liked the book thief (the link) and will check out Bernhard H.... let's compare book lists one day! - and thanks for reading my blog :)


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