Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Goes bananas - the domestic way

Happy Hanna
I have many talents, and I would like to believe that some of these are domestic. Sadly cleaning, polishing and ironing are not amongst these, but I can bake… So the question is – can baking be seen as house work?

Instead of using my extra energy on dusting behind the bed, cleaning toilets or scrubbing the kitchen floor, I tend to bake, believing that I am doing necessary domestic duties that way. Pappa Kas craves his buns as much as I do, so a devoted house wife prioritizes.

This weekend was no exception. Friday afternoon I discovered banana-flies hovering over the fruit bowl. Upon closer inspection three bananas were turning from yellow to dark brown, and were heading for the compost bin almost all by themselves. Would I help them on their way to become reincarnated as plant fertilizers or was there another alternative?

Then I remembered back to our Glasgae days when even dark brown ethanol smelling bananas could be an ingredient in delicious dishes for a recently graduated poor student. Banana loaf! I could not remember the original recipe, but after a quick search I found a slightly more complicated recipe than the one I used in my younger days, but this is absolutely delicious and moister than the one I used to make.

If you want to do like me- here’s the recipe: low-fat-oatmeal-banana-bread
 On Sunday I made apple cake to avoid the ironing, but that’s another story.



  1. Du skulle vært baker:) jeg er dårlig på baking OG husarbeid:P

  2. hehe... tidien du Trude,- jeg kommer snart og smaker noe godt altså

  3. Åh vad gott med banankaka! Tack för kommentaren på min blogg, klart du kan få köpa ett tryck, men bilderna jag hade lagt ut var själva tryckplåtarna, bilderna ser lite annorlunda ut... Men håll utkik på min blogg så lägger jag snart upp själva bilderna också! Kramar till er!


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