Saturday, 23 October 2010

Two weeks visiting the small Basque town of Elorrio, where  Pappa Kas was born and raised, are nearly over. Hanna has met about seventy-three relatives, thirty-one of Pappa Kas’ closest friends, twelve neighbours,  eleven ex-neighbours, forty-five colleagues and friends of various relatives, ninety friends of friends, and about seventeen unknown ladies who has randomly hovered over the pram at some point to admire “La chica mas guapa del mundo”. She has also proudly been introduced to the Major (who also was our wedding photographer).

Despite all the wonderful hospitality and her minor celebrity status, I think that it is time for Little H to go home and get a change of environment. She is getting very spoilt, and I am starting to suspect that some of her closest relatives are having a bad influence on her.
Over the last couple of days she has started squealing like a cat in distress quite randomly and often in not so appropriate situations, for example when being on a show-off stroll around the town square with Amama/Granny Socco.
On Wednesday it got so bad that Pappa Kas looked at me early afternoon and said: “Please go and get us some aspirins- I can see that you are coming down with a head-ache and mine is already here” (how considerate is he? – He’s the best). Then Little H had been “at it” for what felt like hours, and we started to think that the neighbours might call Pet Rescue to report animal abuse. On this “new talent” we blame Tia Eli. I do not know how she has done it, but her and Little H was rolling around on the floor one afternoon when the high pitched screaming started, and ever since, especially when Tia is close, Hanna’s “chat” increases both in volume and intensity, and transforms into these horrible shrieks.

One of the other special traits she has picked up in recent days is to point her tongue as far out of her mouth as possible and wiggle it in a variety of ways to many a young relatives delight and to her mothers embarrassment. We can blame no other than Tio Ini. Every split second Little H and Tio spend alone they are up to no good. I just know it. Uncle’s are always teaching their nieces naughty tricks and he is no different. I am sure that behind my back he is constantly pointing his tongue to little H and teaching her all kinds of grimaces.

Other things I would like to blame someone with, such as always peeing when naked, the constant drooling and nasty smelling spit-up, the snoring and so on, I am afraid I have no one else to blame but myself. Everyone says Little H looks exactly like her mother as a toddler, unfortunately she has not only inherited the blue eyes and heart shaped face but most of my not so charming baby-traits as well. It is only normal that some of her mannerisms come from the other side of the family….

NB! The video below is only for the ones with a special interest. Two minutes of Little H "making conversation" with Tia...

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  1. HaHa, Trude I'm just watching the video (which I think is very cute!) in our bedroom and Gordon shouted through for me to turn off "the horrible noise". I see you point! xxx


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