Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Time to re-pack

2012, what is going to happen? Where will I go, what will I do, which people will I meet, what challenges will arise? There are so many possibilities, that even to start exploring them is daunting.
For me a new year is not really a new beginning, it is not a blank slate. I think that you take your baggage with you, because if you leave it behind somewhere and continue travelling without, you will quickly experience that you are missing something. 
What I believe is more useful is to regularly make a stop, breathe, open your bag and do a proper clean-out, getting rid of the things that is weighing you down.
So what do I want to leave behind? That is focusing on the negatives, so I will rather focus on some of the things I am keeping and some of the things I would like to add to my bag.

I am keeping:
  • Focus on spending time with my family and spending it well, creating long lasting memories for us all.

  • The happiness I feel when I am running, and will try to increase the frequency and regularity.

  • The desire to learn, to read, to explore, to be taught by others. My main focus being on continuing learning Spanish and learning skills useful in my job.

The time I spend with my friends. It is not that often you have time to meet the girls, be in the book group or go shopping with an honest friend who will not let you buy something because it is cheap if it does not fit. But I want to make space for these things to happen, not every week, but once in a while.

I would like to add:
  • Some time per day to use for creative writing, 30 minutes could be a start.

  • More structure to every-day life. Organizing a weekly grocery-shop, make a food plan (and stick to it).

  • Stop and smell the flowers. I know that mindfulness is all the rage, but years back I went to a meditation class once a week. It was one of the best things I have ever done. So I aim to bring meditation back into my life.

 It is not sure whether my bag is full or not by now, but let’s be realistic. I do not entirely know where I am going, why and when. Therefore I aim to always leave some space in my suitcase for things I might want to acquire in the future. You never know which direction the roads take after the next bend, and it is impossible to be prepared for everything.
What I do know is that I am travelling, and as far as I know have the right baggage, until the moment where I discover that it is time to re-pack again.

What are the important items in your suitcase? Anything you want to add in 2012? 


  1. Great post, I can certainly subscribe both to the things that you're keeping and the things that you want to add. On my part, I hope to get better at investing even more of myself into my marriage. I think I've been to selfish in many ways.

  2. Good read, TP! Will share a little thought too:

    My aim is always to see perspective in every day life; not sweat the small stuff but enjoy the little things in life that make it so special (for me e.g.; opening bedroom door and hearing two snoring boys, coffee from Tinderbox, snuggling up on sofa with husband and Big Bang theory). Would also like to have more patience and be less of a control freak but have accepted I am just who I am. Nobody is perfect after all. Happy 2012!

  3. Nanne- I think that just setting focus on something e.g. marriage will get you to see things in a different perspective. It does not have to be mindblowing changes, it is to find the small important ones.

    HP- your focus has always impressed me, and being able to see things in its real perspective is something to aim for. We do sweat to much over things we should not bother to worry about.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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