Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The bugs bite…

I remember that I smugly told the whole world that Little H did not have as much as a hint of snots or diarrhea or any other nastiness after starting the nursery in August. That was back in November... After that we have had tummy bugs, constant green snots and it was all topped by a type of Pneumonia just before Christmas. So much for the Castro-Nyhus super-strong immune system.

Well, It’s a new year (not that new anymore, but still fairly fresh) and new bugs have arrived. It started with enormous amounts of ehrm.. what can I say in her diapers 3-4 times a day, then a little fever, then no eating, then fatigue and disinterest in anything else than a DVD with Winnie the Pooh in Spanish. Over the weekend it was all combined, now it is only the slight fever and the refusal to eat left. Winnie has been replaced by" The Dream Garden" (not any better).

We have tried everything, unhealthy yoghurts, grapes (a favorite), apples, Pappa Kas home-made vegetable soup, biscuits, buns, hot dogs (the favorite), different types of omelet and more not to be have on a weekday food, but she pushes the plate away and her lips are firmly sealed.

Yesterday she ate 3 spoonfuls of Spaghetti Bolognese and I had tears in my eyes of happiness. The doctor has been called and we’re going for a check-up on Friday, which seems far away on a Wednesday afternoon.

Little H is being proper taking care of by Nurse Kas

Any tips on food Little H can be tempted by?

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  1. Uff, det er fælt når ungene er sånn syk. Har desverre ingen råd, hadde samme problemet med Tilda tidligere i vinter. Det eneste vi fikk i hun var klementiner, så hun levde på kun det i omtrent en uke. Masse god bedring til Hanna! :)


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