Saturday, 16 June 2012

Baby boom

It's just been Little H's birthday and what a day! We actually celebrated H a week to early as we were going on holiday and could not be away so that her aunt, grandparents and great gran missed the show. So it was not only Little H turning two that made the day very very special.

The 10th of June was celebrated in Mallorca with an ice-cream and a bath or ten in the sea. And H was happy as she can be.

Amongst friends and family the babyboom never ends which is of course wonderful. During the last 5 years we have been to wonderful weddings in Norway, Spain and in Scotland. Then, with a bit of an overlap, the babies started to arrive.

And on the 10th of June two more came along! Two wonderful little boys Little L and Little T were born. One in Scotland and one in Norway. The parents are dear dear friends of ours, so we are delighted.

But being in a place with limited access to Internet, the Facebook gratulations sent has been few. I hope you forgive us friends.

So many babies in one time creates a crafty dilemma. How will I manage to knit outfits for both? I am working on it, really hard, but those of you who know my knitting skills know that it is hard labour and lots of love behind one of my creations. It takes months and months to create a small something.

So Baby T and Baby L- is it ok that you get your hand-knits for Christmas?


  1. Gratulerer så mye til vesla. Stas med toåringer :)

    Og gratulerer så mye til vennene dine. Koselig med familieøkning ^^ så bilde av lille T og gu for en nydelig babygutt :)

    Hihi, problemet mitt med å strikke barselgaver er at jeg aldri får levert dem i tidet, så jeg har nå 3 sett liggende hjemme som alle er alt for små til dem de var strikket for...

  2. Ja, T er nydelig. Gleder meg til å hilse på han så fort vi kommer hjem fra ferie.
    Det er kanskje ikke så dumt å ha et lite lager med barselgaver. Tror de prosjektene jeg holder på med nå må bli julegaver. Godt at jeg strikker stort 3-6 mnd :-)


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