Thursday, 28 June 2012

Holiday with kids vs. without kids

Pappa Kas, Little H and myself (plus H's fluffy friends Lula, Sophie and Lucy Liu) have just returned from two weeks in Mallorca. We have been on a family holiday before, but not on a beach - relax- do-nothing-in-the-sun-charter holiday. And as this is what proper families do in summer, we thought we should give it a try.

Of course I was prepared that this holiday would be nothing like Ibiza 2009, Venice 2007, Croatia 2006 or any of the other romantic trips (yes, Ibiza without the foam-parties can be quite romantic) me and Pappa Kas have been on together earlier. 
I do not know what I was thinking. Little H is little H and is in charge wherever whenever. 

The following scenario happened several times: 
After arriving at the beach 30 minutes earlier Little H started shouting "Casa Hanna, Casa Hanna", well, then there was no other option but to pack our 3 towels, 2 buckets, 4 spades, 2 float-able toys, 3 extra sets of swimming costumes, 4 different suntan-lotions, 2 bottles of water, various fruits and sandwiches, camera, books (very optimistic to bring books to the beach with a two-year old), swimming diapers, sunhats, sunglasses, first-aid kit and a lot more and head for home (casa).

I found this illustration (borrowed from Clevamama on Facebook). I think it perfectly sums up my experience of two weeks of holiday with and without kids. 

If you've been on a similar holiday. Do have tips that will make it easier next time? Because I am sure that in time we will forget most of this one, and think that it is a good idea to go on a beach holiday with kid(s) again. 


  1. Du må ikke skremme meg slik :) hehe.
    naboen vår var i syden med sønnen når han var både 2 og 3 år. De sa det var himmelvid forskjell og at det var 10 000 ganger mer slitsomt når han var 2.

    Om det er en trøst?:)

  2. Vel, vel, vel. Til neste år blir det jo en 3-åring og en nesten 1-åring. Spørs hva vi finner på da...
    Vi hadde det veldig fint egentlig. Det var utrolig koselig å se hvor glad H var i å bade og hvor lett hun fikk venner på stranda.
    Hun sjarmerte alle kelnere og var en solstråle mye av tiden. Gled dere til ferien i september!


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