Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I can hear your heart beat

Being pregnant second time around has not been a breeze, but as it is coming to an end (well, I am still 10 weeks or so away from D-day),and I have notices that I have started to appreciating the strangest things, such as that I can still see my toes.

I went to see a friend the other day, which I had not seen in a month or two and the words that met me were: “Wow, you’re huge”, quickly (almost) saved by: “In a pregnant sort of way”. The fact is that I feel huge and heavy and spotty and old (my back aches). I want to sleep all the time and crave orange juice with a dash of tonic, which is very refreshing by the way. You should try it.

On Monday Little H came with me to the doctor for a check-up, and I explained her that we were going to check that Little M was fine. Every time I asked her why we were going to the doctor she said: “Baby M OK/baby M ha bra”.

At the doctors Little H got to lie down beside me on the bench, and the doctor confirmed that she did not have a baby in her belly, which H nodded to and agreed upon. Then the doc asked where the baby was. Little H immediately bent over and gave my bellybutton a kiss saying; “there / der”. Ah, a mother’s heart could melt.

The doctor then wanted to check for the heartbeat and both Little H and I could hear it clearly; the fast rhythmic beats. H thought that the sound came from the belly itself and put her head carefully down on my tummy as to listen better.

My heart melted. I cannot wait until these two girls meet in person.

Orange juice and tonic- seriously addictive


  1. Nåååh! Så koselig :))
    Gleder meg virkelig på deres vegne. Blir så stas stas med storesøster og lillesøster, det er helt klart <3

    1. Er litt nervøs for hvordan det kommer til å gå, men andre foreldre klarer to til 10 barn så klarer vi oss sikkert vi også!

    2. Det kommer til å gå så bra, så. En omveltning blir det jo så klart, men en fin en :)

      Selv er jeg super-verpesyk på en til om dagen, men må holde meg i skinnet om jeg skal fullføre noen utdanning.

  2. Åhh...bliss :)
    Hanna kommer til å bli den beste storesøstra <3


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