Friday, 10 August 2012

Life is a Musical

Do you remember how it was to start school after the summer holidays? One year you were new and the youngest, the next you were older, wiser and more confident.

It seems like the same happens at a nursery. Little H is suddenly one of the oldest in her group and has taken charge from what we hear. Oh, dear…

Apparently she is bossing the younger ones about, taking their toys, occupying the swings (a recurring theme), but also taking their hands and showing them the ropes of the place. Showing leadership skills at the age of two? Or is she just being mean?

But it is not all bad. We have always known that she is a show girl, but for the past week or so she has totally let her talents for musicals come through. Life with Little H has always been like a musical, filled with spontaneously singing and dancing.

We can sit around the dinner table when she takes our hands, sings and kicks her feet in tap-dancing steps. We can sit together reading a book and she suddenly jumps up in the sofa to start singing and going into a head stand. She is never shy of doing a bit of ballet on the bathroom floor, standing in downward facing dog in the kitchen or doing some sort of tribal dancing while using the bin as a drum.

So it comes as no surprise that the staff at the nursery and a few of the parents have started commenting on Little H’s rock ’n’ roll moves when they play music and her eagerness to sing loud and clear both when encouraged and in inappropriate situations as when the others are taking a nap or she is having her diaper changed.

Where does she take it from? And where will this end? Do I have to start making dresses out of old curtains and run down grassy hills? Or will she develop red curly hair and freckles and adopt a smelly dog?


  1. Hihi, kanskje dere også skal bli med på danseskole for de minste. Tiddy er nok ikke like flink som vesla di, for det var imponerende, men elsker å synge og danse for det :) Veldig gøy

  2. Vi har meldt oss på dans på Attic i Drammen. Liten og Stor fra 2-4 år. Det er ikke dit dere skal vel?
    Synes at det er så utrolig gøy at vi kan danse og synge sammen, men Lille H synger bedre enn meg, som er veldig umusikalsk :-)

  3. Moro :)
    Jesper elsker også å synge og danse. Tar gjerne en sang på Rema 1000. Så lenge du ikke ber om det, da blir han beskjeden. Når det gjelder dansen så tror han at han kan å breakdance...veldig morsomt :)

    1. Kanskje Jesper og Hanna kan ha en liten oppvisning for oss sammen en dag? Ser for meg at de en gang i fremtiden svever over parketten i sjakett og hvit kjole med fjær i en vakker vals til "Moon River".
      Har tårer i øynene allerede... ;-)


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