Friday, 11 March 2011

Doing it for the kids

Two weeks as a working mother, and it’s going rather smoothly. I can live like this. Little H and Pappa Kas are doing whatever they’re doing until I get home late afternoon, and by the smirks on their faces I guess that they can live like this too.

O' has made "there's something about Mary"
 hairstyle on Little H.
Styling product: drool
 Yesterday I actually took a day off to meet with the Post-Natal group aka. The Skinheads. I am sorry, but the name has stuck although the little ones now have plenty of hair. They all got teeth as well, all except Little H that is, but at least she has enough hair now so that we can guess the color of it. Little H’s great grandmother is saying. “ohhh she’ll be really dark”, while I’m more heading towards perhaps dark blond. As long as she soon gets some teeth she can be ginger for all I care…

It was great to meet up with the mummies again. I am the first of six who has gone back to work, and I was eager to hear the chat from the last couple of weeks. We were at Little O’s house and I felt very much at home. O’s mum is almost like me. She does not have dust on her brain, is not ashamed for not having the dinner on the table when her husband comes home and does not remember the lyrics to the songs we sing at the kids swimming class. Just like me!

When she sent a text inviting us for hot chocolate and home-made sweet buns my instant reply was:”yes of course”, but also: “is your mum doing the baking for you?” – How rude of me! I really need to start thinking before talking! O’s mum replied: “yes, the buns are already in the freezer”. Priceless!
I do not care where the goodies come from, as long as they’re tasty, and O’s Gran has a reputation as the Queen of Cakes, so I did not need to ponder upon whether to take the day off for Little H’s play-date or not.
So there we were, us mummies sitting in the sofa chatting, enjoying our tasty treats and admiring the little ones. We could not avoid talking about how great it was for the kids to be able to play together and how they clearly enjoys each other’s company, for only to discover that they were sitting each by him-/herself playing alone as far away from each other as they could get…

We’re doing it for the kids.


  1. Næmmen, er permisjonen din over allerede da? Har ikke du liksom nettopp født, eller noe? Og ja; jeg kjenner meg godt igjen i å ofre seg for barna, og lide seg gjennom sånne fryktelige barseltreff med godsaker på bordet og skravling. Hva gjør man vel ikke for ungene sine?

  2. Jeg lo så hardt av bildet til H, at jeg måtte legge fra meg PC'n en liten stund:) Må si at det ikke helt rettferdiggjør hvordan hun faktisk så ut den dagen; med en fantastisk våt sleik! Ellers skammer mor seg kanskje pitte litt over at hennes sønn dro ku-tunga si gjennom H sitt hår;)

  3. Ja, vi må alle ofre oss. Godt det ikke bare er meg ;-)


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