Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Little H takes a trip

For Little H, being quite new and all, there are many firsts. Recently they have mostly been firsts with pappa Kas, such as first day alone while mummy is working, first baby-swim class with Pappa Kas and probably many others that I am not told about. I am guessing my first hot chocolate for breakfast and my first 8 hour long marathon session on Skype with Amama Socco and Aitxitxe Sebas in Elorrio.

This weekend was also a family first, our FIRST cabintrip with a baby onboard. My good friend and fellow mummy-who-blogs, Marita (see:Den nye hverdagen) had invited us along with her family to a cabin in the mountains. 

I started packing on Tuesday piling clothes, bedlinen, diapers, travelbed, toys, wipes, porridge, bottles and countless other items on the table in the down-stairs living room. As we got closer to the weekend the piles of stuff grew and started spilling up onto the sofa and on the floor.

I had no idea of the amount of stuff we had to bring for little H. My two toilet bags and extra just-In-case-I-spill-red wine on my clothes extra extra clothes Were nothing compared to the vast amount of babystuff needed.

The drive to Veggli was a chapter in itself, but we managed to get there eventually. Enough said. After a rocky start the weekend was rather painless, it was brilliant really. Little H behaved quite well, trying to charm little J by squealing and smiling, but he did not buy into her charm. She is too young for him. J being 18 months old, does not have a lot of patience and interest in small drooling babies who cannot even walk (or crawl for that matter). He was a true gentleman though giving Baby H hugs when it looked like she needed it.
View from the cabin

 At the end of the weekend Little H's persistent nagging paid off and they played together on the floor to their parents delight. Even pappa Kas agreed that handsome and kind J is a strong boyfriend contender in 15 years time.

We managed two cross-country walks in beautiful weather during the weekend. Suddenly all the preparations and a full packed car were worth it when we sat down by the side of the track and drank hot chocolate, ate Kvikk Lunsj (Norwegian Kit Kat, but better and THE choc to have when being outdoors) and tasty oranges in the sun.


  1. Takk for en super tur som gjerne gjentas :)

    Det er klart lille H til slutt klarte å sjarmere J. Han teller nok bare dagene til han får se henne igjen :)

  2. Pappa Kas says: 20 years not only 15.


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