Tuesday, 19 April 2011

It’s a beautiful day…

Time flies when you are having fun. Well, time flies when you’re working, having visitors from abroad, taking care of a toddler, nurturing friendships, being a (house)wife and so on. In other words: Yes, time does fly when having fun!

Little H is still teething and it is a painful process, both for her and for her parents. Our sleep is interrupted by cries of pain and an inconsolable Little H which we can do nothing to comfort other than to cradle her in our arms, making soothing sounds and drug her with painkillers when it gets too much for us all… The paracetamol is a last resort, I promise.
After a few rough nights and little sleep for Pappa Kas (he is the best, takes the nightshift voluntarily, probably wanting to avoid a bitchy wife, which I am after less than 8 hours sleep), we decided that I was the one to comfort Little H when she needed it during the night, and that I was to get up with her in the morning.

I went to bed early, read a few pages in my book (“Night train to Lisbon” by Pascal Mercier – a real snooze) and fell asleep, only to wake up by Little H’ crying – eight and a half hour later! She had slept through the night. I took her into our bed for a snuggle and managed to get her to slumber for another 30 minutes before we got up. What a morning!
After the morning milk we did a quick hand-over and Pappa Kas was ready for the 2nd shift while was doing some work. At noon, a quarter past, to be exact, me and Little H were jogging in well-known late style down to meet the mummies of little O and cutie J.
It was so nice to see them, both mummies and young ones. It feels like the days of maternity leave were ages ago, and that I have been back in work for such a long time. I think it is six weeks.

It was good to be back amongst the mummies, and little H smiled and was delighted over company her own age. It lasted about 20 minutes before Little H’s behavior got back to “normal”, and we had a few tantrums. The play-date ended up with me having coffee stains on my shirt and scarf, Little H having lost a dummy (in a chain fastened to her jacket- how does she do it?), and Little O being scared to death by getting a very wet kiss from a certain little drooling lady.

Well, that’s just life for me and Little H isn’t it? She was singing (high pitched screaming) all the way back home where we woke up Pappa Kas who had been sleeping on the sofa.

What a great day!

Yum yum gimme some...


Life's great eh?

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  1. Søteste Hannamor:) Jesper håper sterkt på besøk av sin lille prinsesse i morgen:) tror det er abstinenser på gang:)


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