Saturday, 2 April 2011

Visitors from far far away

They arrived on Tuesday. Two almost three months without Little H was enough. No video calls via Skype, photos or telephone conversations could satisfy the need for touching and squeezing Little H, so they packed their bags and off to cold and snowy Norway they went. Who? - Amama Socco & Axitxe Sebas of course.
They left sunny Elorrio and flew north to spend a week with us here in Lier. Well, ‘us’ I write, which is not entirely true. I am sure that they would not have noticed if me and Pappa Kas slipped off for a day or two. The attention is all on Little H, and who can blame them?
Little H is of course overjoyed. Having an audience all day is probably what she was craving, not being enough with Pappa Kas during the day and me when I get home from work in the afternoons. We also get distracted by the silliest things, like making dinner, keeping the house tidy and watching the news on TV. Now she has her grandparents undivided attention.
She gets to “sing”, clap, bathe and sleep with an audience, and she does her best to keep them entertained. As I am writing this I can hear her chatter from the living room downstairs and her grandparents’ responses. It warms my heart.
And tonight me and Pappa Kas are going out for some quality time for the second night in a row.
Thank you – Socco and Sebas!

Happy grandparents out in the snow

and of course - Little H is a happy bunny as well!

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