Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Dressed to kill… sheeps

Going back to work provides many new challenges. For example you cannot dress on autopilot in the mornings any more. Neither can you make noise when picking out your outfit and sneaking out of the bedroom and past Little H’s room. Everything needs to be prepared in advance. And when it isn’t – too bad.
Not long ago this happened:

I had a lunch meeting outside the office and when I prepared to leave work by putting on my jacket and boots, I realized that instead of a young professional office working lady I looked more like a horse manure mucking English lady of the countryside.

I left the office around noon wearing a black hooded parka, jeans and black wellington boots. This had not been so bad if the skies had been filled with rain-bearing clouds, and that I could see others in similar outfits out there. But the sun was shining; smart well-dressed ladies were putting on their designer sunglasses and smugly unbuttoning their fitted suit-jackets to reveal crisp and delicate shirts in this season’s bright colors, whereas if I took of my parka I would reveal a faded H&M brown-blackish tunic. The shame!

I had gone to work wearing a mummy outfit!

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