Monday, 13 June 2011

Happy birthday to H - part 1 of 2

On the 10th of June Little H turned one! Can you believe it? It is one year ago since the little bundle of joy stepped (well, was pushed) into our lives, giving us sleepless nights, spit up on our sweaters and pee on our trousers. Not to mention her darling smile, her chubby little tummy, her few strands of hair and the way she laughs. It’s impossible not to love her.

In spite of thinking that it is naff to celebrate babies’ birthdays, I decided that I cannot be a worse mummy than the others, so let’s throw a party, no let’s throw two - to make sure we celebrate in style!

So this is Friday: The Family Party.

As you might know Little H has been feeling under the weather since returning from our holiday in Denmark. It’s been on and off and we were certain that the nastiness must have passed. Nevertheless a party had to be held, Little H feeling a bit low could be down to nerves before her big day.

The guests were due to arrive at 5 pm. At 4.15 pm Little H almost passed out in Pappa Kas arms. It was time for a nap. The snot was running, her eyes blank and her forehead could be used for frying eggs. The wee lassie did not consider that I had been up until late the night before baking cream cake AND cheese cake, had been running from shop to shop in pouring rain to get materials to make a princess crown, and that I had spent all my pocket money on a new cute (but cool) denim dress for the birthday girl.

Since Pappa Kas’ part of the family is located on the “Continent" (to be exact, Elorrio, Bizkaia, Spain). Amama Socco and Aitxite Sebas were not able to make it on time. I believe that their flight arrives sometime Thursday afternoon, so no panic – yet.

Ouch Gran don't ruin my hair!

No hats at the table, please!

The by invitation only guest-list consisted of: Granny B and Granddad G, Auntie Janne and Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother, so the Nyhus clan was heavily represented. 100% to be exact. The troops arrived just as we heard baby H cry of boredom, so as the good host that I am I welcomed the guests while Pappa Kas changed and dressed Little H.

The guests brought a mountain of presents and we certainly do not need to buy Little H any summer clothes any time soon. Funky cotton and denim trousers, t-shirts, sandals – the works. Her Auntie had of course bought a noisy toy, but she was forgiven when she also handed over two small picture books of the type Little H loves (she is a smart one reading books already). Her Great Grandparents had also gotten her clothes and a super nice but practical purple nursery backpack with butterflies on it. I wish they had had one for me as well. When we tried it on her, she cried and was clearly uncomfortable- so she’s not ready for the nursery yet (neither are her parents).

We gorged on cakes, chocolate, fruit salad and more before Little H started rubbing her eyes and telling us that the party was over by waving furiously from her throne. Well, when her royal highness says that the party is over, the party is over.

We said goodbye to our lovely and generous guests, thanked them for the very nice and extravagant presents and went to fetch the winebottle….

End of part 1


  1. Gratulerer med den skjønne ettåringen! Sånne er usedvanlig trivelige å ha i hus, så her er det mye å glede seg til. :-)

  2. Enig med Therese, 1 åringer er veldig sjarmerende :) Takk for en koselig bursdag i går :)


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