Thursday, 23 June 2011

Happy Birthday to H, part 2 of 2

First of all: my apologies for not updating the blog for more than a week, ehrmmm close to two. I am ashamed and sad to have disappointed my fans ;-) and most of all you.

Not sure who's got most butterflies
Well here we go:

Little H’s birthday weekend disappeared in a flash. After Friday’s extravaganza we still had cupcakes left, but the marzipan cake was put in a tupperware and given it to my dad, the cake monster, the ice-cream monster, who can eat tons of desserts and chocolate in one go. The only person whom I know to be able to match his dessert stomach is Pappa Kas dad, Aitxitxe Sebas. And I am not far behind myself.

We made it!

On Monday we had invited the Skinheads, Sergio’s (Pappa Kas) Senoritas and other dear friends to come so that I could show off my baking skills and Little H her 7 teeth (some say it's only six, but the bitemarks on my arms says differently). Being a public holiday we were aiming for few guests (sorry), so that they day could pass in peace and quiet. Never happened, almost everyone came and the ones who did not, had all valid excuses.
The weather was fantastic and we had such a great time. Little H was on fire, but Pappa Kas had her all under control while I chatted with the mummies to get the latest updates. How many teeth’s does Julie have? Can Oscar say mamma yet? When will they start to eat peas? And other “must know” information.

For the big day, I had of course cheated a bit on the catering side. I did not want to make a lot of sugary cakes and snacks, but made buns with whole meal flour and blueberries inside, had lots of different fruit chopped up and had made cupcakes, both chocolate ones and pink ones (OMG! What kind of mummy -monster have I turned into? PINK cupcakes!

As you know I do love baking, but it can be a bit much sometimes so I cheated and bought cupcake mix, who Jespers mum, Marita, told me was just like the real thing. I made the pink cupcakes as it said on the pack, but improvised a bit with the frosting. Sadly no photos were taken, but they looked exactly like the ones from Magnolia bakery. That was to be my downfall…

When all the guests were gathered and inspecting the table of temptations, the very same mum who recommended the ready mix said out loud “Oh, I can see that you used the readymade cup cake mix, not to worry, they do taste really good”.

Thanks a lot…


  1. Haha, she really said that? Wow, that's just amazing... Some people!

  2. Hi girl:)
    Looking forward to reading your posts on
    "Wear what you love week"

    Have a great day:)


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