Monday, 11 July 2011

Monday and mood-lifting jeans

Yesterday was Sunday, a rather bleak, rainy and boring Sunday. Dark clouds and blue skies were constantly fighting but the threatening clouds definitely had the upper hand.

There was nothing else to do than to make sweet buns, snuggle and play with Little H, watch “So you think you can dance” (I love it!) on TV and knit ferociously on a present for Little Cousin L due to arrive in a few weeks. As if I am going to complete my “knit-work” it in time. Poor time-management yet again.
Brought the knitting on the train this morning, and I’m sure the ladies around were scrutinizing every knot and thinking what an amateur, and the young trendies thinking what a sad almost-middle -aged housewife. Tomorrow it is back to reading books with impressive titles (important for the image amongst the fellow commuters).
Well, this week I am going to wear and write about some of my favorite items. Yesterday, as I did not leave the house and was constantly close to snot, spit, spaghetti and other stain-makers I lounged around in my comfy trousers, t-shirt and cardigan. Nothing worth mentioning here really.

So today it was back to business, but since my carefully beloved item of clothing required extensive ironing, it was never going to happen. I had to opt for a newly acquired favorite. My dark, even suitable for work jeans got worn patches on their knees after my maternity leave, where I spent a lot of time crawling around on the floor. Good fitting jeans are not easy to find, especially if you do not want / can afford to spend an arm and a leg on them.

THE jeans (on a model of course)
The jeans should not be too tight fitting,but have a little bit of stretch for comfort, not too low on the waist, not too tight around the tummy as not to leave too much flab “hanging over”. The fabric should be soft, but still firm. They should fit nicely, but again not too tight over the bum. The list of requirements are endless.

Well, I have found (until now), the most perfect jeans I have ever owned. They tick most of the boxes above and has cool pockets at the back too.
These jeans are another item I love and they certainly cheered me up on a grey Monday. I even got a compliment from one of my colleagues, so those jeans made my day!

Do you have an item of clothing that makes you happy?


  1. I don't really have a favorite piece of clothing at this moment in time as I am very unhappy with the way I look, hence why I feel nothing ever looks good on me. But I do remember having a few favorites in my time and I was well gutted when I had to stop wearing them. Some I've even saved for years thinking that "one day". But I've gotten rid of them now, no point hanging on to them :)

    Oh, and knitting is a big massive thumbs up from me ;)

  2. Husk at strikking er übertrendy for tiden :)

    Jeansene så perfekt ut og minner meg på at jeg også må på let etter de "perfekte" for her er det skralt med fine klær for tiden :(

  3. I thought that all my clothes were old and ugly untill I started looking at the things that I love. And I love a lot of the things that I wear. Although I have a closet full of closed which used to fit,and that I hope to fit into one day, my warderobe is not full of crises. I have some gems in between. I just have to wear them, and not save them on the hanger!

    Thanks for the support with the knitting. I might post a picture one day. All you mummies are so good at crafts. I want I want too, buy all this fabric, yarn, patterns and so on... But it does happen that I complete something.


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