Monday, 31 October 2011

The holiday in a snapshot

This holiday has been all about lazying about. I had my running shoes with me (running clothes are always in my drawer here in Elorrio), I had a hiking jacket in my bag and planned this holiday to be a kick of back into health. Not really succeeded there. Not that I have been drunk by lunchtime every day, but spent my days sleeping in and doing next to nothing. When Little H has woken up either early in the morning or during the night Amama Socco has been only too eager to check on her and lull her back to sleep. So most time with Little H has been quality time at a decent hour.
I have bought knitting wool and started on a scarf, a bit alarmed about the instructions saying: “knit till the length of the scarf is 84 cm before changing to pattern number two”. How long does a scarf need to be?

The weather has gone from one extreme to the other. We went to the beach the other day, while two days after we were walking around in poring rain wearing three layers. 
It’s been rather unpredictable and not easy to plan excursions. But we have made two proper ones. One to the beach in lovely summer weather and an other to an indoor aquarium to keep out of the wind and rain.

Little H loves the beach, the water and all animals so both trips were custom made to fit the little Dolphin’s demands. Look at the photos and decide for yourself…. 

Hanna gone fishing
Dancing in the rain

Laughing of the rain 

Splash splash

Getting wet


  1. Kjære vene, Hanna er såå skjønn! :)

    PS: Det er veldig lov å være litt lat på ferie!

  2. Takk for trøsten Renate ;-) Ja, Hanna kan være en solstråle, men også et lite troll. ikke for ingenting at vi kaller henne cheekey monkey....

  3. Such a great post:)

    Have a nice weekend


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