Tuesday, 13 November 2012

And then they were four

Time flies when you’re being pregnant, and it has been flying even faster after baby Maya arrived.

She came at supersonic speed on Monday the 22nd of October, just as her mummy had ordered. The due date was the 31st, but there was no way I could wait for that long. I did everything I could to speed up “the delivery” (Other mums know what those tricks entails…).

What more can I say? We're still in a daze, getting to know the little one, adjusting to a new little Lady's preferences. And of course Big Sis, H (she's still our Little H) has had her world radically changed, with all the challenges that present.  

We are all delighted and I will make sure to share highlights and lowlights from our life in the future.

We’re now a happy family of four, two Castro-Nyhus girl, one Nyhus mum and a Castro dad,  a spicy mix with a lot of temper, tantrums and happy blissful moments. 

Lady B

Very skeptical when seeing her mum for the first time... 

Happiness 1

Happiness 2

Happiness 3


  1. Så koselig, og igjen gratulerer så mye med den nye jenta. To virkelig flotte jenter dere har fått nå. Kos dere masse med den nye rollen deres som tobarnsforeldre! :))

    1. Tusen takk Inger Lise. Utfordringene står allerede i kø, men så langt er det mer kos enn slit.

  2. Dere er så fine alle fire og vi er så glad i dere :)


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