Friday, 16 November 2012

Passport problems

When I was a toddler it was enough that my name was listed in one of my parents passport and then I was free to travel abroad (not alone of course). Now even dogs and new-born babies need their own passport.  I have been told that the one for dogs does not have a picture on it, how is it a proper passport then? Does it have Paw-prints?  

The criteria’s for a valid passport photo are: White background, open eyes, no hat or other head-wear, no specs, but otherwise I think you can pretty much get away with a murderous glint in your eye and a wry smile as long as it is not seen as making a grimace.
Not valid

So since we’re an international frequent-flying family we had to get Baby M a passport. As you might know Pappa Kas is not one to wait until the last minute, like myself, but rather carry out boring tasks immediately. Which I agree on is the way to do it, but as the queen of procrastination, I postpone or forget 50% of the things on my “to-do” list.

Off we went to the passport office with Baby M’s birth certificate and her highness herself. She behaved all the way. She was in deep sleep, like her mum in front of the TV at 10 pm, and could not care where she went as long as she could be cuddled up inside a soft sleeping bag at the bottom of her pram.
At the police station we picked a number, went to the photo booth and thought easy peasy. We’ll just wake her up, take the photo, sign the papers and be out of here in no-time.

Then we went to work. Baby M was still asleep and so we had to wake her. We opened her warm and comfy “sleeping bag”, we took off her hat, and we spoke softly, whispered in her ear: “Please wake up, if you do we’ll reward you with warm milk and a dry diaper”.We pinched her cheeks slightly and blew her softly in the face- all to no response.
So we lifted her up, tried to tickle her, speak a bit louder, cuddled her toes and resorted to more drastic measures such as taking a cloth soaked in cold water and dampen her cheeks and neck with it, praying that she would not get a cold.

Again no response. Then our number was called and we took sleeping M to the lady at the desk. We tried to explain the situation, but with closed eyes, no passport photo was to be taken, and no passport issued.
The lady gave us well-meaning advice: blow the baby in the face, speak to her, rub her toes, lift her arms and so forth. It did not work the first time so it did not work now either.

Our parking ticket was about to expire, we had tried very hard to wake her ladyship, and had almost given up, when the little queen glanced at us and clearly signaled: “give me milk now, or I’ll never open my eyes again”.
By then everyone in the queue, both the ones to register their weapon(s) and  the ones there to renew their passports or both, had commented rather loud on how “the boy” (ARGHHHH, it’s a girl!!!) was sleeping so well and how mean it was mean her parents to wake her up for just a photo.
Just as the parking was about to expire we finally managed to get Baby M to open her eyes, and after much struggle get her photo taken:
This is what she will look like on her passport, poor little thing.

I have to add that no baby was harmed in the process and she is now in deep sleep again for only to emerge from her coma when milk is served. 

Have a nice weekend! 

Lady B 


  1. Awww, bless! <3

    Passbilde av de små er et herk å ta!

    Et tips neste gang er å gå enten ta bildene selv med en nøytral bakgrunn, eller gå til fotografen. Da Tiddy var baby dro vi til fotografen og syns det gikk greit. Da vi skulle fornye i sommer fikk hun sitte foran en sånn "passmaskin". Det resulterte med masse tårer fordi hun følte seg så presset til å sitte sånn og sånn, og gjøre sånn og sånn. Nå skal det sies at han passmannen var ikke den hyggeligste og nærmest kjeftet på hun fordi hun feks ikke lukket munnen. Neste gang tar vi passbildene selv. Ikke noe ålreit å tvinge det på ungene når de ikke forstår og er motvillige.

  2. Takk for gode tips!
    Vi hadde ikke noe trøbbel da vi skulle fornye H's pass. Bortsett fra at de var skitsure de på passkontoret og tok røyke og kaffepauser i eninga i stedet for å gjøre jobben sin ... (mener jeg da! ;-))
    Neste gang tar vi bildene selv vi også!


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