Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Enjoy the silence

We’re slowly but surely getting to know Baby M. She loves milk, she likes a bath (with a couple of drops of nice baby oil. She prefers purple to pink, but is not really fussed about her clothing (yet).
She does her business regularly, she grasps and pulls Little H’s hair when it is dangled in front of her. She loves kisses and cuddles and is not a fan of sleeping alone. She likes her dummy and finds comfort in it when times are tough.

But perhaps the most important trait inherited from her mum is: She loves to sleep! Last week I phoned my mum worried that Little H had given Baby M a concussion, as M had been sleeping for 6 hours straight.

This weekend she slept through five hours in Ikea, a man playing bagpipes close to her pram and a pre-Christmas dinner with eight grown-ups and seven kids.

How long will it last?

I don't care what I wear

Going for a drive
Having coffee with the girls


  1. Det er så fortjent at du denne gangen har fått en sovebaby :) NYT det, plutselig skal hun bare stå på fanget å hoppe;)

  2. Hihi, baby med godt sovehjerte er ikke å forakte! :)

    Som Marita sier er det bare å nyte det. ^_^

    God før-jul forresten! :)

  3. Takk damer ;-).
    Vikoser oss stort. Hun har endelig begynt å ha øynene åpne i litt mer enn 5 minutter, men har like godt sovehjerte. Akkurat som mor... ;-D


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