Wednesday, 5 January 2011

An epic journey

Little H out and about
Our visit to Elorrio did not exactly have a flying start. We left Lier, the cold and the snow on the 29th of December and headed south to celebrate New Years with family and friends in Elorrio. 

The flight from Oslo to Frankfurt was cancelled after we had been sitting patiently in our seats for an hour and a half ready for take-off. Little H was just starting one of her tantrums, so it was not entirely bad having to evacuate back into the departure lounge before her show started. The pilot appologised saying that one of the doors in the plane was jammed and continued-  “to be honest, this is not fixed in an hour…" in a rather dishearthened voice. Poor Mister Pilot, it seemed that his morning was worse than ours. 

We ended up going via Copenhagen and then Frankfurt before reaching the airport in Bilbao late afternoon. Sadly our luggage did not arrive on the same plane. We did not get the bags untill very late the following evening. Luckily Little H had a supply of diapers and other necessities at her grandparents, and a few new cute outfits in her drawer (thank you Amama Socco). As for us, we did a couple of emergency purchases, but we're in general very well stocked in Elorrio. I even have my own drawer in Pappa Kas' old room. 
It is always exciting to see what I have left there from our last visit. This time I found a black t-shirt, black cardigan, some socks, pants and running clothes in addition to some toiletries - in other words- a survival kit. Sweet. At the bottom of the drawer I found "the Trial" by Kafka, a rather pessimistic holiday read. I wonder how many years ago I left that there. Cannot say that I have missed it in my bookshelves back home.

On the flight from Copenhagen we sat next to what seemed to me a friendly, elderly  gentleman, but must have appeared as a scary gremlin to Little H, as every time he said hello/tried to smile at us/look in our direction or talk to the airhostess, she got frightened, pulled one of her faces and started howling. Poor man.
Sophie the life saver
Overall Little H behaved pretty well despite a long and tedious day. We just kept feeding her and letting her squeeze and chew her favourite toy- Sophie as much as she wanted, to everyone’s annoyance.

Well, we are now safe and sound having a lovely time despite wet and sad weather. We do not see much of Little H these days as she is whisked off to the streets of Elorrio as soon as her breakfast porridge has been consumed. Always dressed to impress as Amama Socco is already trying to marry her off to a young eledgible Basque boy of a good family so that she can see her granddaughter more often in the future. 

Me? I'm painting my nails, going for runs, shopping and drinking wine with every meal, while Pappa Kas has the remote glued to his hand and his bum firmly placed in his favourite spot on the sofa. 
Ahhh, famliy bliss.

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  1. Sounds pretty nice to me!
    I like the way you write.:)


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