Sunday, 2 January 2011

No time for contemplation

2010 has ended and the blog has been silent for a while, not on purpose, but life got in the way.

There are so many small happenings and itsy bitsy things I could write about:
I could write about how we spent Christmas Eve at Granny B and Grandad G's flat, where Little H sat in her own chair by the dinner table, and how she later ate wrapping paper before falling asleep in the guest bed her grandparents had gotten her (one of many generous gifts).
I could tell about how little H ate her Christmas dinner wearing a plastic cloak, but still managed to get stains on her pretty purple and white princess dress, and how the Velcro on her tiny shoes destroyed every pair of tights they came in contact with: her own, her auntie's, mine....
I could tell about the freezing cold outside in the days before Christmas and us running out of firewood, with none to buy anywhere. How can a country made of (and by) pine, run out of logs for the fire?
Other to small to mention bits are how the flight(s) to Bilbao increased from two till four and how our luggage arrived two days late. Luckily the frozen Pizza Grandiosa for Tia Eli and Tio Ini was intact and had not left too much of a cheesy smell on Little H’s holiday wardrobe.

What I choose to write about is this:
Christmas time always makes me reflect on how lucky I am, and this one has been no different. It does not matter that the Christmas Day dinner was too salty, that I did not get a single book as a present, that little H had either drool or snots on every photo taken and that Pappa Kas worked so long hours before the holidays that we barely saw him.
What matters is that I am so fortunate to have a wonderful family and great friends around.
Foul smelling spit-up from Little H at any time, her outbreaks in public, the car breaking down (repeatedly), my jelly belly not shifting and me failing to update my blog three times a week does not really matter as I am truly blessed and I know it. I just have to adjust my expectations and appreciate the great life I am living- perhaps that should be my new year resolution ?

Thank you for contributing to a wonderful 2010 and I am looking forward to the adventures of 2011.


  1. You should come around one day- I have a basement full of books and looove to share. :) A lot of presents you can find for yourself there!

  2. Ohhh Mandy, that makes me very happy. Let me try to join Marita on a visit and see if a book or two will tickle my fancy. Thanks for the offer :-)


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