Friday, 21 January 2011

Ready, steady, go!

After not making any New Year resolutions - not deciding to lose weight, or get in shape or read less glossy magazines I feel strangely un- achieving. Or to be brutally honest: I have become a lazy slob.

Pappa Kas has taken our loss of youth and elasticity seriously and is now out on his cross-country skis twice a week, while I work on leaving my bum-print permanently on the sofa. This week, before I achieved a moment of sanity during a girly lunch today, I have eaten my way through a whole duty-free (MEGA) sized bag of sour sweets. This has been justified by saying to myself that I am only eating the sweeties to finish the bag so that I can start dieting… I could just have thrown them in the bin, but I do not throw away food unless fouls smelling and/ or walking by itself –ehrmmm…

So today I started the RunKeeper on my Ipod (first time since end of October), and power-walked down to me and Little H’s lunch date. We walked an extra long route just to build our appetite. Our appetite? Little H was snoring happily in the pram, and not moving a muscle to help her mum push through the 10cm deep snow on the pavements.

But here’s the dilemma. Power walking and pushing the pram through snow makes you sweaty. Going to meet other mummies, I was obviously not wearing tracksuit bottoms and hiking boots (walk of shame), rather mid-calf boots, skinny jeans and a black knitted sweater under a thick parka.

On my way I met another mummy who came in the opposite direction. She was walking so fast that I did not manage to observe her for very long, but what I saw was a super-fit-kick-ass mummy. She came towards me at the speed of a moped wearing gore-tex trainers, black running tights, black and red cross-country mesh and nylon jacket, topped off with a multifunctional hat with sponsor logos on it. All color coordinated of course and matching the pram. She smiled smugly while passing. What the F****?

I thought I had cracked the code for maternity leave yummieness with the jeans, the tinted moisturizer and the earrings. When did the code change? Probably when 2010 became 2011 and all the yummies made their super healthy resolutions while I was busy gulping down Rioja.

Well, let the battle begin! Today I have walked almost 8 kilometers, half of them uphill, and half in snow reaching up to, if not my ankles, then very close. And tomorrow I am going shopping for that super-fit mummy outfit, hat included.

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