Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Little H meets royalty

One of the reasons for going to Elorrio (in addition to visit friends and family) was to have a second Christmas Eve. Call me shallow, call me materialistic, but when we got the opportunity to celebrate “los Reyes Magos” (the three wise men and their bearing of gifts to Jesus) on the 6th of January, I could not decline.

The tradition as celebrated by the Castro’s and Uribarren’s are, as far as I understand, something like this: The Magi comes from the Orient on their camels to visit children during the night of the 5th. As their distant relative Santa, they visit everyone at night leaving presents under the tree and the children set out milk and cookies to feed the Magi after their long travel. I was surprised to hear that such royalty as the Magi is only offered milk and cookies after their long strenuous journey and no local delicatessen. No caracoles /forest snails (eaten for lunch on the 6th), or morcilla, Spanish blood sausage, not even a small cup of Rioja – what a shame, all that way for milk and cookies!

Little H charmes the king
On the night of the 5th we went to the local square and watched the parade of the three kings and their men and donkies greeted the local townspeople. Little H was unaware of all the fuzz, but the square was buzzing with kids high on sugar and with letters in hand. Some kind of queue formed in front of the City Hall where the king’s thrones had been set up. It was time for the little ones to hand over their letters and say their please can I have a horse/ Lego Robot/Little brother for Reyes.

Pappa Kas and Little H

As this was a photo opportunity not to be missed, and that I am too old to hand over my own list, Little H and Pappa Kas stood in the queue waiting patiently to drip drool on one the Kings’ cloak. Pappa Kas assured me that he had sent the “I want” list by e-mail to the Magi, and that we were safe that way, but it never hurts to meet in person. I was certain Little H would make quite an impression and we would be showered with gifts the next morning. And so it was.
Little H sat on Melchior’s knee stroking/patting/slapping his chin, and I think I could hear her softly whisper “new leather gloves for my mum” in the Magi’s ear. Whatever her trick was - it worked. The next morning I got my gloves, Pappa Kas his Nutella and Little H her noisy blinking toys – exactly the items she must have whispered to the Magi.

Pappa Kas gets his wish fulfilled

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  1. Does he know that it's possible to buy nutella here, too? I missed nutella so much and got all my visitors to bring some till I finally found it here in Oslo. Best: they even have it at the Rimi next door. :)
    Greetings from another nutella addict. ;)


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