Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Cousins - tough love

As you could read in the previous post, we have recently spent some time with our family in the North of Spain. I always want to highlight the North, as whenever I say Spain, everyone sighs with envy and says: heat and sun - just what you need this time of year.
I hate to disappoint you - rain and max 10 C is more like it in December and January.

Little H (and Baby M) has a cousin  in Spain. Her name is Laia and she is cute as a button. She was born in July 2011, and is a year younger than H. They have met several times, and Saturday mornings are Skype play-date-time, so they are no strangers to each other.

The whole family was very excited for the two of them to meet again, as they now both has become little ladies- with tempers, and their own sets of habits.

It was wonderful seeing them together and they clearly enjoyed each others company. Although tugging hair, pushing, yelling and stealing toys from each other they always said sorry and hugged after.

See for yourself:

I'm splashing soap in you face Laia and I like it!

Idyllic - before the balloon- fight

Laia with a cheeky grin and up to no good

United in the name of Hello Kitty

Our parents are forcing us to hold hands and act natural


  1. Søte jenter :) er forøvrig veldig glad for å ha dere hjemme igjen <3

  2. Ja, de er veldig søte. Og det er flott å være kusiner så nære o alder. Søta :-)


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