Friday, 15 February 2013

H & M - partners in crime

Such a happy wee one

You might think that baby M should overshadow little H, but it is impossible to out-stage her cheeky big sister. Little H fills the house with her presence and her little sister comes in the background. But baby M is here, it’s just that she is too nice for her own good.

She sleeps well, all through the night if we want her to. But with skinny arms and legs and a bit below average on the scales, we wake her up to feed her once a night. When she is awake, she laughs, smiles, makes cooing noises and is the nicest baby on earth.  

Not so innocent as they look

But there is a tingling at the back of my head. I know that these two will be partners in crime sometime in the future. It is just a question of time before they will gang up against us. 

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