Monday, 11 February 2013

Monkey no more

It’s carnival -time and last year we had such fun of dressing Little H like a monkey. We thought she was the cutest little cheeky monkey we had ever seen. It is bad to laugh at your daughters expense but, it was impossible not to. The costume proved a great success, but that was last year.

This year we thought that the monkey costume was an easy choice, but no. 
When asking Little H what she wanted to wear for the carnival she promptly said: “Princess, Pink Princess”. Oh, nooooo.

I tried: “What about a cool and scary lion?”
“Pink?” She said
“What about a ladybird?” I asked
“Princess?”  She answered
“What about Pippi Longstocking?”  I was running out of options
“Pippi with Hello Kitty?” she answered enthusiastic
Now we were getting somewhere
I tried: “Pippi with Pink Hello Kitty elastic bands and hairclips? And Pink nail-polish?”
I was negotiating with a two and a half year old!
“Ja ja ja!” She shouted and we had finally reached a conclusion we both could live with.

So here she is:
Pippi Kitty Longstocking with pink and purple nail-polish and at least seven Hello Kitty hairclips to keep her pigtails - with pink Kitty rubber bands, in place. 


  1. Haha, skjønner at hun har kommet i "rosa prinsesse"-perioden:) Men crossoverkostymet funker fint det, og helledussen så søt hun er!

  2. Takk Nanne :-).
    Hun klaget ikke, men var stolt over kostymet sitt, til tross for mange prinsesser og ballerinaer blandt vennene sine.


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