Sunday, 17 February 2013

R.I.P. Malo

Little H loves pink, Hello Kitty, feta cheese, swings, dogs - all animals in general and especially her own goldfish.
While Little H is recovering at the hospital after an urinary infection (I will give no details), a tragedy has taken place at Casa Castro-Nyhus. 

H has two goldfish in a bowl .With its pink pebbles the bowl is the centerpiece of our living room. Not nice, but what do you not do for your children? You certainly commit interior design crimes. 

The fish are called Pinky and Malo. The fish were given to H as a present from Amama Socco and Aixite Sebas. Amama Socco has had plenty of goldfish during the years and apparently all of them have been called Pinky. 
First they were both called Pinky and Pinky, but after Pinky tried to "escape" several times (slip through H's fingers whenever she tried to catch the poor fish), it was re-named Malo (xxx in Spanish. 

Pappa Kas has noticed that Malo has not been his active self over the past week or so. Yesterday he barely moved and Kas anticipated that Malo did not have long left to live. He was right. This afternoon I found him belly up in the bowl. Poor poor fishy fish.

I have been told that the most common cause of death for gold fish is overeating, but for skinny Malo it must have been something else. 

I panicked a little bit and asked Kas what to do. “Easy peasy” he said. “Malo being Malo. He just escaped”.
Aha, brilliant.

So upon visiting H at the hospital we had to break the news. 
Pappa Kas told her that Malo escaped during the night. This came as no surprise for Little H, she had not been at home to look after the goldfish and Malo had seen the opportunity to make a run (swim) for it. 

Sad to say Malo took his last swim in our toilet and down the drains this afternoon.
RIP Malo. 


  1. Uff, dette var nesten litt tragikomisk:) Stakkars Malo! Jeg hadde en gullfisk som barn som også bare ble tynnere og tynnere og til slutt døde, så det er vel slikt som skjer. Får håpe dere finner en ny gullfiskvenn til Pinky snart!

  2. Heldigvis så døde da Hanna ikke var hjemme. Tenker at det kunne vært veldig dramatisk å finne den flytende.
    Tror det er slik som skjer. Aner ikke hvor lenge en gullfisk kan leve, men Malo 2. er nå på plass i bollen og ser akkurat ut som Malo ;-)


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