Sunday, 6 February 2011

Another week in MaMa Land, and what have we done?

Let’s recap-

Monday: baby swimming- Little H loves to go swimming and so do some of her friends. We’re four mummies with our babies who every Monday afternoon go to baby swim class. Well, I and Little H attempt to go to baby swimming every Monday afternoon, but sometimes there’s no chance we’ll get there in time and have to stay home for no good reason.

The Little (H) Mermaid

No matter how long in advance the bag has been packed, it is always something that comes up last minute. A tantrum held because Little H does not want to put on clothes, an express -delivery spilling out of the diapers and everywhere else, me not finding two equal socks, or having forgotten where our swimsuits are. Not going because my legs have stubbles of hair has never been an option, then we would never get there…

Mostly we manage, rushing in at the last minute. Last week, we were early, In fact we were so impressively early that the changing room was almost empty and when one of the other mums arrived a couple of minutes later she exclaimed: "I KNEW we were late when I saw Little H’s pram standing outside…."

Tuesday: Pilates as usual, and for smugness factor we walked about 12 km on the iced and snowy pavements and roads. Remember how I was jealous of another mummy and her super sporty walking outfit? Well, when I went to get something similar I came home with a stylish back to-work-shirt from the sales and a sequined black knitted hat, far nicer than the wannabe-pro-cross country skier hat the other mummy had! And my hat works as well in the country side as in the city, but it looks silly in the ski slopes, so there I change to my white woolly hat with knitted ears…

Wednesday was sore….

On Thursday the “Skinheads” met again, unfortunately we came an hour late as Little H decided that she needed a two hour nap after breakfast. I was so in awe of that she actually slept inside at that time of day that I did not make the most of the hour-S and did some much needed housework. My theory was that if I got really into something (cleaning windows or polishing cutlery) she would wake up immediately, so I surfed the net and made Banana Loaf.

On Friday we went out walking again. There’s no place to get a decent coffee around the fields of Lier, so we have to boogie into town to fuel up on caffeine. You might think that fresh air and a quick stroll could wake me up sufficiently, but I need stronger stimuli to keep Little H entertained all day.

So this was our working week, pretty average I would say. Here’s a summary:
Lots of walking, sleeping, coffees and lateness, a little laziness and so much crawling around on the floor with little H that my used to be nice dark skinny jeans looks more like faded denims with ragged hems and has a new worn out look. Despite all my efforts, Little H does not crawl at all, but that’s another story.

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  1. Hei og takk for kommentar på min blogg, Spray malingen er kjøpt på Biltema, men kan også kjøpes i bla. malingsbutikker og Jernia.
    klem Nina


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