Monday, 21 February 2011

The final countdown

I am entering the last week of my maternity leave before Pappa Kas starts his paternity leave, and it is with mixed feelings I hand Little H over to him.

On one side I am thinking “Ha ha, now he’s going to see what it is like to be at home with Little H and her tantrums ten hours a day”. But on the other: “how will I survive without her wet kisses, her random “singing”, her smelly farts and the look on her face when she smiles or the sound of her laughter?”

I was not prepared for motherhood; I do not think you can as a first time mum. Of course I had read books and magazines for how-to’s, spoken to other mummies and talked with a mid-wife. But upon arrival, Little H was Little H and no reading or talking to others could have prepared me enough.

I cannot say that it all came naturally, ask Pappa Kas (he taught me a trick or two). But little by little we made our own routines and Little H and I settled into everyday life together. We have had the same weekly schedule for a long time now, so Little H must be desperate for some change (that could explain the recent grumpiness). And I think that I am ready for some change too.

There are five days left with business as usual: swimming, Pilates, coffee-shop dates with other mummies, post-natal group get-together and all else we normally fill our weekdays with, and oh not forget the muffin-top shakes/walks.
Unfortunately Little H has come down with a bad cold and a fever, so I might have to go for the back-up plan – watch as much day-time TV as I can with little H on my lap- farts, smiles and all…

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