Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Staying in

This morning started (way too early) with bright sunshine and snow sparkling like diamonds outside.

We had just gotten accustomed to sleeping through the night, when we moved Little H into her own room. I guess it had to happen one day, but it is hard. I keep saying to Pappa Kas: “I do not think Little H is happy in there, perhaps she should move back to our room?”. What I really mean is “Can we please move her back into our room so that I do not have to wake up two times a night to comfort Little H”. But pappa Kas is hard, there’s no room for bargaining.

My poison of choice
We aim for a walk every day. The fresh air does good for both me and Little H, and it is the best way to get her to nap during the day. I also get to shake the muffin-top on the way to feed my coffee addiction. There are three and a half kilometers (the shortest way) to the nearest town and coffee bar. So if I want one I know what to do.

Oh, so wrong
You might know that I struggle with the mummy uniform and how to walk from the countryside and stylishly into town. I always seem to get it wrong. When the other mummies are wearing wellington boots, I am wearing hiking shoes (I know it is a no-no, but so comfy!) When they are wearing their winter parkas, I am wearing my woolen coat. Their outfits always matching the pram and their baby’s outfit, while Little H’s pram is brown and I do not have any items of clothing which is brown, beige, tan, vanilla – you get the point, and get it wrong in grey, black and more recently navy.

So today we’re staying in. Sad but true.
To be used when?

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