Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sergio’s Senoritas

Pappa Kas has many female admirers. They love to spend time with him, to play with him and his toys, listen to his charming accent and laugh at his bad jokes. And he, on the other hand, loves to spend time with his little ladies, to woo and entertain them for hours and hours on end. How do I cope without being jealous?

Lucky for me these female admirers are all under 8 years old.

What makes him so attractive? I think I have picked up a few of his tricks. Where other grown-ups sit in the sofa sipping coffee talking about the weather, Pappa Kas sits at the kids table with his hot chocolate discussing the latest Wii games or listens attentively to stories about who-said-what-to-whom in the nursery that day and why it was unfair - without interrupting.
I have gotten accustomed to our friends daughters saying that they want to go to and visit Sergio and have no idea of my name or that I even exist. I try to bribe them with home-made cookies, but they just grab them off the table and run off to play with their favorite Spaniard.

Now, after the arrival of little H, Pappa Kas has gotten fierce competition. The teeth-less princess-dressed little ones no longer flock to our house and squeal of delight when they see Pappa Kas, but rushes past him in search of Baby Hanna. Last week we went to visit a family where their three charming daughters are honorary members of Pappa Kas Fan Club, and whom he absolutely adores. I am proud to tell that these girls have (finally) started to remember my name, so I am making progress with my cookies. At least I was making progress until now...

I did not see Pappa Kas' face when the grown-ups if the Castro-Nyhus household were referred to as Baby Hanna and the others by his Senoritas, but I bet he was shocked and disappointed. I guess that he understood, at least a little bit, how I feel when I also want play, but the girls only has eyes for Pappa Kas.

Now we're even
- and beaten by a baby.

Pappa Kas with Audrey, Ashley and Adriana

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  1. I think you have exaggerated a bit. I don't think that I have never had a fan club.


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