Friday, 18 February 2011

Sooooo last season

Typical Basques ;-)
According to the inhabitants of the fashion capital of Spain, Elorrio, Hanna and her pram is sooooo last season. There’s a new pram in town and it is owned by everyone who’s anyone in this little Basque town. It’s called a Baby Jogger City Mini (no more, no less) and is the only pram which works with the latest hiking boots, fleece jackets, Lycra hill walking trousers and mullets, as displayed by the local fashionistas (for more Basque Fashion).

One of the biggest and most important fashion statements a yummy mummy can have is the pram. So I did not take lightly on researching the most practical, durable and ehrmmm fashionable pram I could find (and afford) before the arrival of Little H. And as Pappa Kas is a man of method and thoroughness he scouted the internet, interviewed friends and read consumer tests. We were talking about an investment buy here, more often used than a Mulberry Bayswater, so we needed to make sure that we took the right choice. And so we thought…

International as we are, we did not end up with one of the Swedish sturdy, solid and snow compatible prams with footbags (whatever that is) but proudly bought a Central European design winner- the Bugaboo.

Overall I am very happy with the pram. It is light, easy to assemble, practical, and if you have to take the bus, it is so small that you can enter at the front of the bus rather than having to shout to the driver: “Open the back door please”, only to be ignored and left at the bus stop. The easiness of pushing it in the snow is not to be discussed here, but I can now understand why Scandinavian Design is for Scandinavians and adapted to their (winter)-needs.

The color of the Buggie was a blip though as we bought a chocolate brown one, despite me knowing that it did not match my wellies, my winter parka, my hundred black tunics or cardigans or any other item of clothing a yummy mummy is supposed to have. Well, the Chocolate color works with jeans and my hair-color, so I am one of those trying hard- getting nearly there- but oh so wrong. This seasons gray nail-polish? Don’t go there.

Me, Little H in the buggie, Amama and Aitxitxe


  1. Mobber du staute svenske Emmaljunga?:P

  2. Btw, vær fornøyd med vogna di - den er veldig fin :)

    Dessuten er jo Baby Jogger City Mini en tralle. Er jo ikke bag på den en gang.
    (og ikke er den fin..hihi)

  3. Jeg mobber ingen :-) Skjønte at det var jeg som ikke fulgte med når Elin begynte å prate om fotpose... Hva var det? Vet det nå.
    Det fåes visstnok en liggebag til dette vidunderet også, men vi har en super vogn så samme for meg ;-)


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