Friday, 11 February 2011

It’s Friday!

We have a song, well, one of many songs in the Castro-Nyhus household, which goes like this: “It’s Friday! It’s Friday!...” and so on. We also have a rap on poo, and a ‘trying-to-buy-time- until-the-food-is –ready’ song. The rap both has a Spanish and an English version and a variation so that it works for farts as well, in both languages of course.

Today it’s time to sing the Friday song. For me it does not really matter as I’m always on holiday. Yes, holiday, that is what my mother in law and the rest of my Spanish family calls maternity leave. Are they kidding? There’s no nine to five here, rather six am till eight pm and an extra nightshift on top.

But I am sure Pappa Kas was singing the Friday song when he left this morning, ready packed for a weekend of down-hill skiing, drinking in the sauna, drinking in the Jacuzzi, going to after ski, you get the point. He’s off on a skiing weekend with work, while leaving me and Little H home alone. This leaves me with 48 hours alone with full diapers, spit-up, snots and porridge stains everywhere. While on the other hand I get the happy, energetic, charming and laughing little H all to myself.

And what are our plans? Shopping and hanging in coffeeshops of course- pappa Kas left us his credit card.
A little Lady who likes to lunch


  1. Ha en herlig helg snuppene mine :) Forhåpentligvis sees vi! :D

  2. Eh???? My credit card at home. Ohhhh nooooooo!!! ;-)

  3. Ååe, så nydelig!
    Så var det mandag igjen - og om få dager kan dere synge fredags-sangen på nytt.:)


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